Awaken Your Potential, Power & Purpose!


 is a conscious lifestyle community, company, and spiritual philosophy of practices and principles for spiritual awakening and harmonious living.

Our Mission

In a world that seems to be getting increasingly divisive, unhealthy, and chaotic, it’s hard to imagine a world where love, wisdom, compassion, wellness, abundance, beauty, and harmony reign supreme. But when we follow our inner guidance and the divine laws of nature, we develop an awareness and understanding that life is simply an energetic dance of polarity that’s constantly seeking harmony and balance.

By gaining insight and understanding of this dance of energy, a person can begin to tap into their full POTENTIAL, align with their life PURPOSE, and will the POWER necessary to unfold it. This rhythmic movement of expansion and contraction – construction and destruction – masculine and feminine and the unified balance between these energies is the working creative principle within the universe. 

We call this creative principle SO LAN CHA – the creative law of harmony and balance. 

SO is the feminine, destructive, and magnetic side of energy. CHA is the masculine, constructive, and electric side of energy. The harmonic balance and integration of SO and CHA is LAN. The rhythmic dance and continuous interplay of energy between these states is SOLANCHA.

By mastering these principles, we become conscious cocreators entering a state of harmonious living.

Join us and Awaken Your Potential, Power & Purpose!